Girl Wears Wrong Shoes To High School Graduation! Video Of Her Long Fall In Heels Goes Viral

A senior at Mansfield High School in Lousiana learned the hard way that she wore the wrong shoes to graduation. The girl took an epic fall in her heels after receiving her diploma, and the video is quickly going viral.

The video begins with the unidentified graduate strutting down the high school track with her diploma in hand. But when she steps from the track onto the Astroturf, she quickly realizes that she made a mistake wearing such high shoes.

She starts teetering almost as soon as she steps onto the grass, but she does all she can to try to save herself from falling. But this just creates a greater spectacle, as the other graduates turn to laugh at her stumbling on the turf. After a good 12 seconds, gravity won the battle, and the student went tumbling to the floor. Thankfully, a woman then rushed over to her and helped escort her back to her seat.

Of course, someone recorded the hilarious video of the girl falling at her graduation. And it already has more than a million YouTube views in less than a week. Many commenters compared the graduate wearing the wrong shoes to young Bambi learning to walk. Others criticized the girl for being dumb enough to wear high heels that she couldn’t walk in. But some were more sympathetic.Girl Falls Hard Wrong Shoes Graduation

“Yes, she should have worn shoes that she could walk in, but I still feel bad for her,” Maria glay wrote of the girl who fell at her graduation.”I’ve twisted my ankle from falling like that and the way her ankles kept twisting, I’m surprised she didn’t break her ankle.”

Added Cyrano1202:  “30 years ago when I was young people would have helped her … nowadays people are armed with their cameras ready to record other’s bad luck in order to mock them publicly … shame on us ..”

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Melissa Siegel

Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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