• ‘Girls’ cast reads Stanford rape survivor’s Glamour essay

    The cast of HBO’s hit series Girls — Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirk and Zosia Mamet — recently came together to read an essay written by “Emily Doe,” the anonymous survivor of the Stanford sexual assault case. The controversial incident centered on a a Jan. 18, 2015 sexual assault in which “Emily Doe,” was raped by Stanford freshman Brock Turner, who was released from jail after only three months. Emily Doe was not unconscious and behind a dumpster. A pair of passing men on bikes intervened and Brock ran away. A portion of the essay, along with the Girls reading is below.

    From the beginning, I was told I was a best case scenario.

    I had forensic evidence, sober un­biased witnesses, a slurred voice mail, police at the scene. I had everything, and I was still told it was not a slam dunk. I thought, if this is what having it good looks like, what other hells are survivors living? I’m barely getting through this but I am being told I’m the lucky one, some sort of VIP. It was like being checked into a hotel room for a year with stained sheets, rancid water, and a bucket with an attendant saying, No this is great! Most rooms don’t even have a bucket.

    After the trial I was relieved thinking the hardest part was over, and all that was left was the sentencing. I was excited to finally be given a chance to read my statement and declare, I am here. I am not that floppy thing you found behind the garbage, speaking melted words. I am here, I can stand upright, I can speak clearly, I’ve been listening and am painfully aware of all the hurt you’ve been trying to justify.

    I yelled half of my statement. So when it was quickly announced that he’d be receiving six months, I was struck silent. Immediately I felt embarrassed for trying, for being led to believe I had any influence. The violation of my body and my being added up to a few months out of his summer. The judge would release him back to his life, back to the 40 people who had written him letters from Ohio. I began to panic; I thought, this can’t be the best case ­scenario. If this case was meant to set the bar, the bar had been set on the floor.

    Glamour has the complete essay.


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