• Golden Globes: Jeff Bridges confused everyone with that acceptance speech, right?

    At Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Jeff Bridges accepted the prestigious Cecile B. Demille Award. While speeches for lifetime achievement awards are usually fairly planned out in advance, Bridges seemed to go a different route with his. After an inspirational montage of his decades-long career—narrated by Sam Elliot reprising his role as the Stanger from The Big Lebowski—the True Grit star took the stage to deliver one of the most confusing speeches of the night.

    It started like most speeches, thanking his family and colleagues. Bridges said, “If I’m lucky, I’ll be associated with The Dude for the rest of my life, and I feel so honored to be a part of that movie.” But his speech quickly took a turn when he started telling an anecdote about the game tag (“We are all ‘it,’ man.”) and Buckminster Fuller, an architect and inventor of the geodesic dome.

    “I like to think of myself as a trim tab and all of us are trim tabs. It may seem that we’re not up to the take, but we are, man.” he said during the speech. “We’re alive. We can make a difference. We can turn this ship in the way we want to go, man! Towards love, to creating a healthy planet for all of us.”

    He ended the speech by saying, “You’re all trim tabs! Tag, you’re it!”

    Pans to the audience showed several reactions to the speech. By the end, even presenter and Hell or High Water co-star Chris Pine couldn’t keep it together and had to crack a smile and even maybe a laugh.

    Bridges joins an esteemed group of DeMille honorees including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and more.

    You can watch the full speech below.

    Rosa Escandon

    I am a stand up comic and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. When I'm not on stage, I am Comedy Editor for The Tusk, sit on the board of the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and writing my next project. I am passionate about writing about feminism and comedy as well as how women, LBGTQ people, and minorities are changing the face of comedy and entertainment. You may have seen me on Buzzfeed Video, Seriously.TV, aplus, or maybe just on twitter.

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