• GOP leader forced to resign after Daily Show interview with Aasif Mandvi (Video)

    Not even a full day after he appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, North Carolina county precinct GOP chair Don Yelton has lost his job. Correspondent Aasif Mandvi interviewed the Republican leader about the state’s suspicious voter fraud laws, which opponents claim are nothing but thinly veiled rules constructed to limit minority votes. During Mandvi’s interview Yelton explained why the newly-enforced laws, which says all voters must produce a photo ID before voting, are not racist. He tried to prove his point, but failed miserably. He ended up explaining to Mandvi that one of his best friends is black; he expressed his confusion over why black people could call each other the n-word but he couldn’t and he justified the law, in part, by saying so be it if it “hurts a bunch of lazy blacks who just want the government to give them everything.” Nathan West, a spokesman for the Buncombe County Republican Party said local GOP leaders asked for Yelton’s resignation in “direct response to the interview,” according to Business Insider. Watch the full interview below.

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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