• Greg Warren and Henry Phillips bring "one star people" to life in comedy music video

    Comedian Greg Warren is known as a true roadhorse comic in the industry. So, he knows a thing or two about traveling and hotels and the people who stay in those hotels. One of Warren’s more popular bits, which can be heard on his 2009 Comedy Central album, One Star Wonder, is, in fact the sort-of title track, “One Star People.” In short, Warren’s explains the problems inherent in allowing “one star people” into “four star places,” namely hotels. On a larger level, it’s a refreshing take on the whole fish-out-of-water conceit.

    The point is, comedy fans, that the bit has not come to life via song and video. Warren teamed up with musical comedian pal Henry Phillips to make that happen. Below is the result. Let us know what you think. And after the jump, check out Warren’s original bit as seen on his half hour Comedy Central special. Enjoy!

    Greg Warren – One-Star-Hotel People

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