• Hannibal Buress, The Lucas Brothers really want you to vote during Midterm elections (Video)

    Comedians Hannibal Buress and The Lucas Brothers really want you to vote during Midterm elections on Nov. 4. How do we know they really want you to vote? Well, we don’t really know they actually care if you vote or not, but it seems they do based on the pair of videos below. In the first, we find Buress man-on-the-street-ing a handful of youngsters dressed as a adults who totally don’t want to vote. In the second video The Lucas Brothers – Keith and Kenny – find that since they decided not to vote, the world is a lot less delicious.

    While entertaining, we’re not sure this will change the minds of young people who are too lazy to vote or who already know how there’s no hope for the Middle Class thanks to corporate interests, lobbyists, illogical bi-partisanship, et al. Or put more succinctly and artfully by the late, great George Carlin: “On Election Day, I stay home…Voting is meaningless; this country was bought and paid for a long time ago. That empty shit they shuffle around and repackage every four years doesn’t mean a thing.” Either way, let’s have a peep, shall we?

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