• Happy Father’s Day: 10 bits on being a dad with Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, more!

    Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so whether he was your greatest idol growing up or a complete dead beat, you are obligated to acknowledge his existence. And if you’re a dad, milk it for all it’s worth. It’s the one day each year when your kids have to think of your positive qualities long enough to pick out a hallmark card and scribble their names on it. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a collection of dad-related stand-up and comedy sketches. Enjoy!

    Before Patton Oswalt’s daughter was born, he already had enough of his crunchy, hippie friends trying to tell him how the birth should go down. Here, he has it out with them on his 2009 special My Weakness is Strong.

    A big argument against becoming a dad is that it’ll remove all the fun in your life. Demetri Martin’s sketch from Important Things with Demetri Martin proves that having a kid shouldn’t get in the way of being cool.

    Pete Holmes has everything he needs to be a dad. Except the kids.

    Few things are as humiliating as being at a party and watching your dad on the dance floor. Relive the horror with Jimmy Fallon’s “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” a play off of the viral hit “The Evolution of Dance.”

    According to Bill Cosby, “Intellectuals” like he and his wife, make natural childbirth more complicated than it needs to be. He explains it all here, a clip from his classic 1983 special Bill Cosby: Himself.

    It’s a big day for Al Madrigal when he teaches his six-year-old son about shame. Check out this clip from Madrigal’s special Why is the Rabbit Crying?, which premiered on Comedy Central earlier this year.

    In order to compete with Anderson Cooper’s emotionally charged stories, Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones made his own feature about having a baby daughter.

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    It’s all fun and games until Michael Ian Black purposefully gets his wife pregnant. Now, he has to worry about becoming the subject of a piece of art. Check out this clip, taken from John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show last year.

    Louis C.K. has no shortage of fatherhood stories. In his most recent HBO special Oh My God he explains the best things about being a divorced dad. Check it out.

    In a bit from his 2012 special Mr. Universe, Jim Gaffigan marvels on how little he had to do versus how much his wife had to do to create four children and how he still hasn’t exactly evened the score. Note: Gaffigan now has FIVE children.

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