Here’s that Arrested Development play set that never existed and now does and so you want it

Artists Mick Minogue and Paddy Dunne collaborated on a Tony Wonder play set for Gallery 1988’s upcoming Arrested Development themed art show, There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand.  You remember Tony Wonder, right? Played by Ben Stiller, he was the idol/competition for struggling magician Gob (Will Arnett).

The play set, inspired by Mighty Max sets from the 90’s, features Gob and Buster Bluth, and Tony Wonder (naturally) with changeable parts, all encased inside a wooden sandwich. Yum! Inside that wooden sandwich lies the Gothic Castle. How dey do dat!? There’s also some magician’s secrets inside, including a magic trick that takes place inside the “world’s largest loaf,” printed on “For Magician’s Eyes Only” cards. Below are some photos of the set. You can check out more at the artist’s website.

Samantha Simon

Samantha is a writer, musician, person living in New York City. She enjoys cooking and talking about her mom. Follow her on Twitter: @smoochiecoochie.

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