• Holy Fuck. Live Comedy. (Album review)

    There comes a point in every comedy fans’ life when they start to question what exactly it is that makes them laugh. Consuming hours of stand-up specials and comedy albums, reading memoirs by the greats, attending live shows, and streaming podcasts like no tomorrow, these individuals are on the lengthy path to self discovery. If you’re one of these souls, get ready to cut this journey short.

    Holy Fuck, the free weekly comedy show started back in 2008 in Los Angeles by Dave Ross, is now an album called Holy Fuck. Live Comedy. featuring live recordings of more than 40 well known (Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher and Dana Gould to name a few) and up and coming comedians, each doing less than five minutes of material.

    Culled from about six hours of audio, the resulting two-disc (if you’re old school) album plays like two full Holy Fuck shows. The collection features a range of comedic voices and topics, some more chuckle inducing than others. But because this isn’t a fully-developed solo album, there’s a bit more repetition than you’d find on a traditional stand-up album. There are your classics like the “isn’t dating weird?”; there’s lots of self deprecation, meditations on the oddities of the human body, commentaries on race and gender, and of course there’s sex.

    To be clear, standard joke premises can be funny and in many cases, Holy Fuck proves that. Plus, the subject overlap allows for soul searchers to isolate the variables in order to discover what combination of x, y, and z’s make their ideal joke. Take Ross, Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount. All three talked about relationships. So make a chart and juxtapose them (pretend you’re back in high school English! It’ll be fun!)

    While many of the standards produce laughs, the real highlights involve forays into the unknown. Silly musings on frog butlers from Lizzy Cooperman, Zach Sherwin’s rap about made-up slang terms, and Eric Andre’s list of band names are just a few moments that will stick thoughtful listeners. But the beauty of Holy Fuck and its diverse cross section of comedians is that no matter your comedic tastes, there’s bound to be something you’ll dig.

    You can buy Holy Fuck. Live Comedy. at RooftopComedy.com, where you have the options of a deluxe box set with extra goodies, just the compact discs or the digital download.

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    Sonia Weiser

    Sonia Weiser (@weischoice) has neither fame or fortune, but aspires to be a full time writer of humorous material (which will undoubtedly not lead to those two things). Right now, she's probably tweeting as someone else or waiting for new podcasts to download. Possibly drinking coffee and wondering whether or not she should do laundry this weekend.

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