• How did Jon Stewart do in the Bill O'Reilly debate on Common?

    Last night Jon Stewart made good on his promise to debate Bill O’Reilly over the controversy surrounding hip-hip poet Common being invited and performing at the White House. In short, O’Reilly believes, that since Common has voiced his support over two different people who have been convicted of murdering police officers (presumably Common believes they were wrongly convicted) that he should not have had the opportunity to be a guest at the White House.

    Stewart, then, believes O’Reilly needs to be consistent in his outrage. That means people like Johnny Cash, Bono and Bruce Springsteen, all of whom were White House guests, should also be in Fox News’ crosshairs– since, all of them have written songs supporting actions of cop killer types. Here’s how the debate played out. How did Stewart do against O’Reilly?

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