Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart Newlywed Game Video Hilarious! Watch Broadway Stars Struggle To Answer Questions About Each Other

Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart NYCPatrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are quickly becoming our favorite celebrity couple, and they aren’t even dating! First, the two BFFs shared adorable photos from their tour of New York City. And now, a weeks-old video of the actors playing The Newlywed Game has gone viral.

Stewart and McKellen took part in The Newlywed Game competition as part of a February interview with Buzzfeed Brews. The game required the two stars to answer questions about each other. And while the Broadway actors clearly have a strong bromance going on, they know way less about each other than we thought.

For instance,  Patrick Stewart does not know that a gorilla is Ian McKellen’s spirit animal (though, to be fair, we thought Stewart’s answer of gazelle was much more appropriate). Stewart also thinks that his pal says the phrase “Absolutely” too much, while McKellen admitted he overuses “God I’m Good.”

Ian McKellen was just as bad at The Newlywed Game. For some reason, he thought Stewart could not live without French fries, seemingly forgetting that his friend was from the home of Yorkshire pudding. And while McKellen thought Stewart would sing country western tunes at karaoke in honor of the latter’s wife, the X Men star revealed that he actually preferred “Yesterday,” which is neither country nor western. Sadly, Stewart refused to give the crowd a snippet of his Beatles karaoke skills.

Things got really funny when The Newlywed Game moderator asked Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart what their dreams roles would be. Stewart thought McKellen would want to revive his current role of Spooner in Broadway’s No Man’s Land. But McKellen actually wanted to play Aladdin’s mother, Widow Twankey.

“I saw his Widow Twankey,”  Stewart retorted. “And that is not a loaded remark.”

McKellen, for the record, thought Stewart wanted to revive his role in the British play Yonadab, while Stewart actually wanted to play the famed Shakespeare character Falstaff.

Thankfully, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart’s struggles at The Newlywed Game did not harm their bromance. McKellen gushed about his longtime pal during an interview with England’s Independent this week.

“He’s a pussy cat,” McKellen said of Stewart. “Very, very close to the surface he’s a pussy cat but the exterior is so magisterial. He’s irresistible. I love Patrick. I’ve just been working with him on Broadway on two plays and how could you not love Patrick?”

Watch the full video of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart playing The Newlywed Game below.

Melissa Siegel

Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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