• Ilana Glazer’s horror movie just started filming

    Broad City star Ilana Glazer must not believe in vacations because the Comedy Central darling is already off to her next gig. Glazer ended her fifth and final season on the massively popular comedy series on Thursday. She will now star in her own horror movie, False Positive. How will her unique sense of millennial humor and strong visual gags translate to the horror genre?

    Glazer also co-wrote the horror flick with John Lee, who directed some of Broad City. While no plot details have been revealed reports suggest it will be “a contemporary take on Rosemary’s Baby.” That 1968 Roman Polanski film about a satanic plot is touted as “darkly comic.”

    The film will also star Zoolander writer Justin Theroux and Pierce Brosnan. Gretchen Mol, Zainab Jah, Sophia Bush, and Josh Hamilton will also appear in supporting roles. will also direct the film. Filming began on Monday.

    Ilana Glazer stretches her horror legs with False Positive

    The Rough Night star did give us a small preview into her vision of horror in a 2017 teaser for Broad City called Horror in the City. The teaser combined classic creepy music and horror film elements with the show’s signature absurd comedic twists.

    She’s not the only comedian transitioning to horror. Jordan Peele’s Us is grossed over $128 million through its first two weekends. John Krasinski co-wrote and directed the hit horror flick A Quiet Place in 2018. Glazer will similarly try to bring a funny sensibility to the genre.

    Comedic elements are often intertwined in horror movies. Shaun of the Dead or even Evil Dead II are classic examples. Time will tell if Glazer plays False Positive as a straight horror movie or if she relieves the tension with punchlines.

    Mary Stevens

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