• 7 indie web series that outperform their budgets

    We all know someone who “has” a web series (and has likely asked us to contribute to their Indiegogo to fund it). While companies like YouTube and Comedy Central are committing big money producing their own digital content, there is something very special about independent web series. The lighting might be all wrong and the sound might be awkward, but the jokes and performances are there. The struggle to present a professional product can harm a great show’s potential. Laughspin has seven hilarious web series you can quickly binge that totally outperform their budgets.

    A Gay Victorian Affair

    A Gay Victorian Affair is like Oscar Wilde’s wet dream. It is perfect for any lover of classic literature and laugh out loud comedy. Their first season, which came out in 2018, and they are planning on making a second season. The Candian web series was self-funded by Toronto based comedian Robert Watson and the first episode amassed over 20,000 views on YouTube within a week of its launch!

    Bumble Fuck

    There are a lot of web series about dating based in New York City, but Bumble Fuck is really well done. Not only is the production value really high, but the performances are fun and memorable. At the end of the seven-episode season, the series will make any 20-something say, “I’ve been on a bad date like that.” Based on the dating experiences of creator Amanda Bear, the series was called by Marie Claire “a web series to ditch Netflix for.”


    Distance is just really smart. Within 10 minutes, each episode is full of so much heart that it will have you laughing and crying. The series follows Emily and Sam as they struggle with a long distance relationship. The perspective of the episodes switches between the members of the couple. Each Emily-centric episode is directed by a female director, while every Sam-centric episode is directed by a man. The series was nominated for awards at SeriesFest and the Gotham Independent Film Awards. It even went to SXSW!


    After the white Addison Lovingwood is enchanted by a witch, everyone in his rapidly gentrifying New York neighborhood sees him as a black man. Addison is played by both series creators Rhett Owen and Eric Lockley. Through his newfound blackness, Blacker explores racism and privilege. Addison sees his relationship with his girlfriend, his job prospects, and his life change each episode as he searches for the witch to reverse the spell. The series is a strong commentary on race while still showcasing a lot of slapstick and absurdist humor.

    Resting Pitch Face

    Resting Pitch Face is a must watch for any woman in a male-dominated industry. Following a group of women working in STEM, the series highlights the everyday sexism in the industry in both real and hysterical ways. Production company Grumpy Sailor interviewed real women in STEM to get stories of workplace harassment for the series and found even more than they were originally expecting.

    Diagnosis: Boring

    Diagnosis: Boring walks the line between surrealism and relatability. The series follows Jess Lowry after her doctor tells her that she has a fatal case of being boring. She then tries to become more interesting. The series is a smart commentary about how millennials praise individuality and have created a need to feel unique and interesting.

    Pink Slipped

    Pink Slipped is a web series with a message. It takes a hard look at being Latinx in media and community organizing while also talking about the hardships of job insecurity. Pink Slipped does all that while still being funny. A lot of that has to do with a highly likable cast. The series follows three friends and is full of subplots about friendship, dating, and life in Chicago.

    Rosa Escandon

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