• Interview: Adam Hammer proves a stable childhood can still breed thoughtful (and funny) comedy

    Editor’s note: When Punchline Magazine became Laughspin.com, we also became a little something more– and that is, purveyors, of sort, of comedy. In short, Laughspin Records is now a thing. And we’re putting out albums from comedians and comedic performers we believe in. Our first release, Almost Clean, comes from SoCal comedian Adam Hammer. Keep an eye on him, folks. To help you get started, check out a little profile on the man below– and — what? — a free track from the album? Yes. Indeed.

    Just in case you never thought of stand-up comedians as contemporary prophets (I can’t be the only one who thinks they are, right?) let me submit the following. On his debut album, Almost Clean, Adam Hammer opines on the country’s healthcare crisis and makes it personal; his Dad’s been living with cancer for a decade.

    “Even though he’s my own Dad and has cancer, I don’t think he needs the same insurance that we give members of Congress,” Hammer explains. “I do think he’s entitled to the same healthcare we give every inmate in prison… As taxpaying Americans, if we’re sick, we should have the right to check in to prison.”

    In June, a 59-year-old man in North Carolina “attempted” to rob a bank for $1 in the hopes he was caught and sent to jail. Why? So he could get the medical treatment he needed, but couldn’t afford. Dude got caught, sent to jail and is now seeing doctors for free.

    So, does this mean the 30-year-old, Southern California-bred comic has all the answers to our country’s ills? Doubtful. But it does mean, he’s got some damn fine ideas. Most importantly, he’s got jokes. And good ones. In the end, Hammer’s goal is simple.

    “I just want to make people laugh at shit they think they’re not supposed to laugh at,” Hammer tells Laughspin.com “We’re here having fun. We’re only going to be on this planet for 80 years. So who gives a shit. Let’s laugh at ourselves; let’s make some jokes and let’s not take life so serious.

    After one listen to Almost Clean, his above vision his thankfully clear.

    Adam Hammer: “Family Secrets” by dgadino

    Most of the set captured for the album – recorded at the Brea Improv – finds Hammer hilariously dishing on things we’ve been conditioned not to find funny: romanticizing recreational drug use (he met his wife at an Ecstasy party), the positive side of drunk driving (sober drivers are twice as likely to kill you) and the idea that maybe – just maybe – so-called deadbeat dads have done more good for this world than supportive dads have.

    “Think of all the great men we have because they didn’t have their biological dads in the way,” Hammer says on Almost Clean. “You got Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Eminem, John Lennon, the NBA, the NFL… Jesus.” He tells the crowd, “You can’t groan if you didn’t read the fucking book. He was raised by his stepdad.”

    Indeed, Adam. Indeed.

    So, now, Hammer continues to tour the country—but now he’s got albums in hand and on iTunes and Amazon.

    “I just want people to know my name and build my fanbase,” he says of the new release. “And I wanted something tangible that people can get and pass along if they liked it. I know I’m not going to get rich off it. I just want to get my name out there. My endgame is doing stand-up and finding the people who like me. And this album is a good way to get those people to find me.”

    We’re happy we found you, Adam.

    You can download Adam Hammer’s Almost Clean on iTunes now. Just click here! And for more info on Adam, check out adamhammer.com.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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