• Interview: Irish powerhouse Tommy Tiernan hits New York this weekend

    Tommy Tiernan

    Tommy Tiernan is one of the UK’s most successful comedians. Sadly, he doesn’t make it over to the good (bad?) old USA nearly enough. But, there’s great news for a small portion of the country: he’ll be in New York City at Comix this weekend. He’ll be doing two show each on Friday and Saturday. Get your tickets here.

    This is a dude comedy nerds need to know about it. (There’s a much longer (but old) interview here you can check out). An amazing storyteller, Tiernan combines physical and theatrical elements to his stage show, which ranges from everything from graphic sex talk, politics and pretty heavy ruminations on life. So, to celebrate his quick in and out to the States, I asked him a few questions via e-mail. Thankfully, he didn’t take any of them too seriously. Fun!

    Last year, you set the record for the longest solo stand-up performance. It’s since been broken. And now I’m hearing comedian Bob Marley is setting out to break the new record for charity. What’s the purpose of pushing yourself to do something like that?
    I did mine for money. I made €217,000 on it which I then spent on baskets

    Last we spoke (March, 2008) I had asked you why it was important for you to perform in the States, seeing as you’re massively huge in the UK. You said this: “It’s just a thing to do. You take your humor to different places and you see if it works. It’s kinda like being the best poker player in Papua New Guinea. Will I go to Vegas?”

    You haven’t been to the States too often since. So, two years later, how much of a priority is it for you to make a splash here.
    I’m actually on a exchange program between the Taliban and the Amish. They have more in common then you might think

    Who are five lesser-known UK-based comedians who comedy nerds in the States should know about and why?
    Brian O’Brian— a sword swallower with a pace maker. He opens his throat, plunges the steel and gets any FM station in the world to play through his nipples.

    Rex— a dog ventriloquist with a human dummy. The dummy can only say sausages but it’s a good laugh

    Busty McMahon— a post op person of smaller stature who dresses up as a giant tit and then shoots low fat squirting cream over the crowd

    I saw you perform in Montreal in 2009. One of the things you said onstage that really stuck with me was this: “it seems the older we get, the more rules are levied upon us. Governments “try to legislate instinct out of society.” So how have you, in your personal life, tried to combat these rules, the way society wants us to live?
    I drink

    What topics would you never joke about onstage? Or is everything fair game?
    I don’t joke about floors much.

    How interested are you in American politics? In your Montreal show last year, you took the piss out of Obama in a measured, fair way— something most stateside comedians wouldn’t or can’t do effectively. Is it easier since you’re not from here?
    I’m not sure who that guy you just mentioned is but I take exception to being described as not from here, where else would I be from—there?

    Tommy Tiernan – Globally Insane

    Dylan P. Gadino

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