• Is there a worse Christmas movie than Reindeer Games?

    If you’re browsing Netflix and stumble across a movie starring Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron, then the chances are that you might give it a spin. But be warned as we can safely say that Reindeer Games is such a turkey that it may cause you to reevaluate the whole meaning behind this ‘special time of year’.

    Reindeer Games was released in 2000 and pretty much sank without a trace. Although it was heavily promoted as a thriller, it made the mistake of trying to add a touch of humour. And whilst the likes of Die Hard provide a masterclass in seasonal action movies, this one blunders along with a terrible script and a feeling of massive unoriginality.

    Ben Affleck

    However, it’s almost so bad that it’s worth viewing as Ben Affleck tries to act as an ex-con who dupes Charlize Theron’s character into believing that he is the prisoner that she’s been corresponding with on the outside.

    Inevitably, Affleck’s character somehow gets roped back into the life of crime and we are made to suffer watching a criminal gang dressed as a group Santas robbing a casino. Although this is meant to provide some laughs, it makes for pretty bleak viewing, especially when compared to the fun that can be had at the Betway online casino site where nobody needs to dress up as Santa to play!

    Charlize TheronHowever, it’s not all bad. Although this movie marked the low point in Affleck’s career, and Theron said she only did the movie because she liked the director John Frankenheimer, it did give us chance to see the awesome Danny Trejo of Machete fame and it does have a pretty surprising twist at the end.

    But when you realise that the movie is so bad that even Vin Diesel walked out of the filming, it serves as a warning to stay far away from Reindeer Games. This is despite the director Frankenheimer creating masterful movies like The Manchurian Candidate and Ronin, and Theron and Affleck becoming the biggest names in Hollywood.

    Danny TrejoIt’s almost shocking that the weight of the talent cannot stop this feeling like little more than a B-movie. But even though Reindeer Games might be good for inspiring Hollywood gossip about the co-stars, for better Christmas entertainment, put on Elf and fire up those online casino games!


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