James Adomian: ‘Low Hangin Fruit’ (Review)

Comedian and actor James Adomian is no stranger to the stand-up spotlight, having been featured in the top 10 on season seven of Last Comic Standing as well having toured the nation performing with A-list comedians and at left-wing and progressive political events like YearlyKos, Laughing Liberally, and the National Conference for Media Reform. Along with being a part of the recent Comedy Bang Bang Live! show, Adomian is releasing his debut comedy CD, aptly entitled, Low Hangin Fruit on Aug. 13.

Famous for his vocal work and impressions of a vast amount of pop culture characters, Adomian takes his audience through a light-hearted journey ranging from Facebook rants to Ron Paul and gay villains, injecting his well-known impressions of Gary Busey, Paul Giamatti, Fred Phelps and Sam Elliot along the way.

In fact, Adomian’s set is so rife with impressions that if you were to remove those portions of the act, you’d be left with a rather short, slightly run-of-the-mill comedy set.  When he is telling jokes, the well-versed and clearly educated comedian has a tendency to alienate those audience members who may not be of the same intellect. Immediately after engaging his audience with a quick Facebook rant, he switches gears to instead talk about nerd-appealing material such as Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica – which is fine for those like-minded fans, but can be off-putting for others.

Much of Adomian’s humor lies in his ability to spark life into his jokes through his vocal impressions. While a good amount of comedians derive material from the Westboro Baptist Church, only Adomian can successfully pull off making Fred Phelps sound like Yosemite Sam.

“I follow loosely some of what Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church do, you know they’re the guys who go around going, ‘God hates fags’ and protesting stuff,” Adomian cites, “but they seem to know a lot of really cool gay events.”

Adomian doesn’t just use impressions to fill time, however. He’s able to breathe life into jokes that otherwise would fall flat by injecting characterizations that serve to strengthen his material. After pointing out that no one in New York has that classic 1920’s-style accent anymore, he’s quick to demonstrate the hilarity that would ensue if folks actually did.

“I think that old-time New York accent is the way that Barnes & Noble would sound if they came to life and came out of the signs for Barnes & Noble,” Adomian quips, before launching into a seemingly pantomime-ish demonstration.

Adomian’s debut effort, while certainly entertaining, may leave some die-hard stand-up fans disappointed due to its lack of true joke-telling style – but given he’s known for his sketch comedy and improv talents, fans of this type of alternative comedy are sure to revel in Adomian’s set. If approached as more of a one-man show style of entertainment, Low Hangin Fruit is a delightful hour of light, non-heady comedic fun – but if looked at in true stand-up form, it’s easy to see that Adomian does in fact go for the low hanging fruit.

Low Hangin Fruit will be available for purchase for $10 here on August 13.

Angela Frissore

Angela Frissore is a Boston-based writer and comedy producer who believes that laughter is the cure for all that ails us. Never one to take life too seriously, her mission is to seek out and share the deepest belly laughs around the country. You may contact Angie with your comments and questions at angiefrissore@gmail.com.

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