Jason Alexander directs Hollywood train wreck Courtney Stodden in Funny Or Die video

Do you know who Courtney Stodden is? In short, she’s an aspiring 17-year-old country singer who got really famous over the past year because she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, who’s had roles on Lost and 24. To her credit, however, she’s not just famous for her nuptials; she’s famous for acting like a total moron during interviews (read: drugs?) and for tweeting and saying the most asinine things imaginable (see below).

Well, the folks over at Funny Or Die know how to properly exploit wannabe-famous idiots; and good for them! Because on Thursday, the video site will premiere a new video — directed by former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, no less! — starring Stodden and her creepy-ass husband, reports Radar Online. “Not only am I a singer and an actress, I also love to do comedy,” Stodden told the website.

Like every other honest person on Earth, we love to watch a good train wreck. And we have no doubt this thing is going to be funny– whether Stodden gets the jokes is another story. And if it turns out the Funny Or Die video is a bust, we’ll always have this video, below.

Laughspin Staff

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