• Jay Leno promises more stand-up comedy

    Jay LenoThe Jay Leno Show will be an hour loaded with stand-up, rather than multiple celebrity guests. The late-night host is expected to deliver eight to twelve minutes of straight stand-up every night in his monologue.

    As reported, Leno will also be employing some top stand-up comics–including Jim Norton and D.L. Hughley–as correspondents who will be doing pre-taped segments.

    “In the last 10-15 years on all the talk-shows, [stand-up] doesn’t snap quite as much,” Leno told reporters. “So this is a way to use young comics in a new way. They go out and shoot the standup pieces.”

    Leno revealed some pieces the stand-ups have been preparing for the show. Comic Liz Feldman taped her attempt to teach seniors at an elderly home how to use Twitter. Mikey Day has a recurring bit where he follows people around with fake paparazzi.

    “It’s just trying to give you a laugh before you go to bed,” Leno said. “This is just meat and potatoes, good food at sensible prices.”

    Jay Leno’s new show will premiere Sept. 14 on NBC at 10 p.m. Jerry Seinfeld will be his first guest.

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