Jay Leno takes ‘tremendous’ pay cut to save Tonight Show jobs, 20 staffers still laid off

In order to stem the financial hemorrhaging that’s been plaguing NBC, the network has been laying off personnel for months. But last night came perhaps the biggest blow yet. Deadline reports that 20 staffers at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno have been relieved of their jobs and that Leno, himself, has taken a “tremendous” pay cut to avoid losing any more of the remaining crew.

“Jay’s foremost concern is for the wonderful people who work for The Tonight Show. He did what was necessary to ensure their well-being,” NBC said in a statement after Deadline broke the story. Leno reportedly makes up to $30 million a year for hosting the number one-rated late night show and more than $15 million for stand-up and speaking engagements.

Monday night’s monologue should be an interesting one.

Laughspin Staff

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