Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried to appear in new series

Jeffrey RossHave you heard? The Internet show is the new television show. The Web is the future, so we’re told. And one of our favorite comedians Jeffrey Ross (huge fan of the future) is set to star in a brand new Internet show, produced by our friends over at It’s called M’Larky and after seeing a super secret promotional flyer for the show, we’ve learned the show’s tagline is “a cop show about maniacs.” But that’s not all!

In an Atom blog post from February, the show was described like this: “It’s a parody of your favorite 80s cop dramas like Miami Vice. The different thing about M’Larky is it blends live action sequences with real car chasing video games and animation.”

So, yeah. Sounds interesting. The show is set to debut on on May 18.

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