Jerry Seinfeld, rapper Wale pretty much best friends (Videos)

The annual Complex magazine list of the 50 Best Albums of the Year is a contentious race, fraught with both triumph and controversy. Inevitably, there are those left out who will feel snubbed by the magazine’s choices. Most artists take it, move on and try harder next time. Some, like D.C. rapper Wale, do not take these slights sitting down and last year made a now infamous phone call to Complex HQ.

Wale’s call was laced with profanity, anger, but most of all, indignation that he was left off of a prestigious list on which Juicy J, a man who once wrote “Bend it over/ Juicy J gone poke it like wet paint,” was included.

For the longest time, it was assumed that Wale called out of outrage and of his own accord. But now Complex revealed the truth and leaked footage of a secret meeting between Wale and none other than comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld, and we all get to see who was the real mastermind behind the disgruntled rapper’s tirade.

The video is one of a few released highlighting Wale and Seinfeld’s actual real-life budding friendship, featuring prototypically Seinfeld-ian advice and life wisdom from one performer to another. The two discuss everything from their hecklers, strip clubs, and the “burden of celebrity” they share in common, as well as their upcoming album The Album About Nothing (perfect). Considering how unlikely the partnership is and how awesomely odd the friendship is, it’ll be interesting to hear just how much ‘nothing‘ there is.

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Rodrigo Torrejon

Rodrigo Torrejon is a journalist/writer technically based out of New Jersey, but a New York native on Tinder. He loves medium-rare steak, the outdoors, but most of all, comedy. He also writes and curates a music and culture blog at

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