• Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara use old-school comedy charm on newfangled Internet show

    Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, the amazing stand-up duo and parents to comedy film superstar Ben Stiller, have teamed up for their new Internet show Stiller & Meara. In its debut episode “First Time on Internet,” the loving couple chat about Facebook. On the topic of Facebook status updates, Meara questions the point of relaying the most mundane of activities to one’s friends: “My name is Melissa and I just got my period,” she gives as an example, quickly adding, lest we think we think her name is Melissa and that she’s bleeding from her crotch: “Not me, that’s made up. At my age, I’m no longer ovulating.”

    Ah, yes. It gets rather fun, rather quickly. So, check out that episode below and stick around for episode two, after the jump. Enjoy!

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