Jesse Joyce: Pro Joyce

Jesse JoyceJesse Joyce doesn’t do cocaine. It’s not his fault that he has ‘a look and demeanor that seems to imply I do a lot of blow.’ But his jittery, rapid-fire delivery, coupled with a keen pair of ‘enormous coke eyes,’ helps Joyce deliver big on his debut album, Pro Joyce.

Joyce, a well-established roast writer who frequently opened for Greg Giraldo, pairs a sharp wit with precisely the right amount of self-deprecation. I’ve always preferred comedians who exercise their vocabulary, and Joyce’s adroit wordplay is perfect for anyone who enjoys the occasional five-dollar word. His comedy is largely self-referential, and he addresses issues like his then-upcoming marriage and his struggles with alcoholism with equal ease.

Joyce has also traveled extensively – Pro Joyce was recorded during a tour in Canada – and his account of a night on the town in the Philippines is flat-out hilarious.

Even at his darkest – say, when discussing all the adorable ways one can kill a baby – Joyce maintains a wry charm that keeps his audience on his side. Case in point, and my personal favorite:

“They had to recall every GPS unit in all the cars in Germany a couple years ago because the satellite was telling Germans to turn six feet too early, and they were all just smashing into buildings. Which is more fuel for my argument that if you have a charismatic speaking voice, Germans will follow you anywhere.”

For an hour-long album, there are surprisingly few low points: a few of his observations about current events and relationships seem forced. But, thankfully, Joyce knows he’s at his best when he talks about his own experiences.


Fortunately for us, his experiences are varied, absurd, ridiculous, and more than funny enough to keep you laughing about them long after the end of the album. Buy it. Or you just might end up making the same mistakes in the Philippines that Joyce and his friends did. And trust me, you don’t want to.

Snag yourself a copy of Pro Joyce by clicking the image below.

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