Jim Carrey becomes Charlton Heston in musical satire about gun control (Video)

Jim Carrey has proven himself as a talented comedic and dramatic actor, but can be pull off the title of biting social satirist? That’s for you to decide, Laughspinners. In his latest project he becomes the singer in a band called Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters – indie darlings Eels lend their musical talents – in an effort to express his frustration over the lack of stricter gun laws.

In this Funny or Die exclusive, Carrey also portrays Charlton Heston, the former president of the National Rifle Association who, before his death in 2008, made famous the phrase “from my cold dead hands,” a reference to the idea he’d die before he gave up his second amendment rights to own firearms. Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon make up the rest of the Clutterbusters in this music video homage to Hee-Haw.

“I find the gun problem frustrating and ‘Cold Dead Hand’ is my fun little way of expressing that frustration,” Carrey says about the music video. Check it out and tell us what you think! If you like what you hear you can download the song from iTunes.

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