Jim David: Notorious F.A.G.

Comedian Jim DavidJim David is a comedian. Clearly.

The man has the confidence, charm and control that mark a veteran of the field; he’s polished from years of experience. But to say he is clearly a comedian is also a critique.

Under all of the experience lie jokes that while skillfully delivered are often too obvious and too clearly set up to effectively hide the strings. Nevertheless, Notorious F.A.G. still delivers some genuine laughs and insight, incredible voice-work, scenes and impressively disgusting visuals.

David’s comedy is very slice-of-life; he talks of his parents’ quirks, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and everyday encounters with people– primarily the ones wherein our protagonist deals with idiots. But too often, David leans too much and too long on the too-mundane. At times, thankfully, his position as a middle-aged gay man puts a novel shine on otherwise humdrum subject matter. Though the title and cover artwork may suggest otherwise — the comedian is shown surrounded by flamboyantly dressed club goers — David addresses his sexuality matter-of-factly and asserts it effectively when needed, rarely slipping into cliched territory.

But too often, his jokes are too common – Southerners are stupid; Asians talk funny he performs an homage to “…you might be a redneck.” This is when the jokes are too clearly jokes, too formulaic to sound natural.


The methods he employs to draw laughs from his crowd lack a truly personal sensibility, and play on familiarity more than originality. The album will no doubt make most comedy fans laugh, but the jokes their laughing at are most likely ones in which they’re already familiar.

To buy Jim David’s new album, just click the image below.

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