• Jim Gaffigan is now inspiring dancers because he’s just that good

    Choreographer Joshua KingDifferent forms of art intersect often in the creative world but one choreographer in Orange County found a rather unique take on a Jim Gaffigan comedy routine. Choreographer Joshua King coaches a lot of young dancers in California and one of his young students, Liesl, performed a routine on Gaffigan’s bit about apples.

    Liesl performed an interpretive dance piece with Gaffigan’s voice in the background. Gaffigan fans will recognize his popular take on healthy food, wondering why anyone would pick fruit over chocolate or apple pie. “No one really wants fruit…It’s too much work with fruit. Has peeling an orange ever really been worth it?” he asks, as Liesl dances to the confusion.

    The comedian, who is a father of five himself, reposted a video of the performance on Instagram with the caption, “This might be coolest thing ever.”

    Comments poured in praising the performance mash-up. “This takes your comedy to another level,” said one commenter.

    “Heck of an interpretation of your comedy. Well done,” said another.

    King was also quick to comment on the post, thanking Gaffigan for the love.

    Gaffigan gears up for Amazon comedy special

    The Jim Gaffigan Show star isn’t new to finding new stages for his work. Earlier this year, Amazon tapped him as their first original stand-up special for Amazon Prime Video. The Dad is Fat author’s next special, Quality Time, comes out later this year.

    Gaffigan also voices Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and can be seen in multiple feature films in 2019 including Light from Light, Troop Zero, and Shadow Girl.

    And to think the veteran stand-up almost retired after doctors discovered his wife’s brain tumor! He described the ordeal in his most recent special, Noble Ape. Not only are we thrilled that Jeannie is healthy after a successful surgery, but that one of comedy’s greats will still spread laughter and joy. That special will get a theatrical run in select theatres on July 13.

    Gaffigan starts a new tour this week, performing in cities across the country as well as Canada and Europe.

    Watch a clip from the interpretive dance below.

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