• Jim Norton, Morgan Murphy, more to roast Oscars on newly launched TweetRoast

    For years, Twitter has been an excellent platform for professional and amateur comedians alike to make their quips seen in 140 characters or less. The concept of live-Tweeting an event, especially, has become an esoteric art form. To prove it, you need to look no further than the deluge of hilarious comedian-generated Tweets from last night’s Republican Presidential debate in Arizona, which aired live on CNN.

    And come this Sunday, a group of respected comedians will take to Twitter again, but this time they’ll be organized and it will be for the express purpose of roasting whatever happens during ABC’s live broadcast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards. They’ll be doing it through TweetRoast.com, a site created by Fireman Creative, that will launch that day. The digital dais will include the following comedians: Robert Kelly, Jim Norton, Bonnie McFarlane, Morgan Murphy, Opie & Anthony, Annie Lederman, Fred Stoller, Pete Dominick and Rich Vos. And guess what? Laughspin will be there, as well, represented by former Laughspin scribe and New York City-based comedian Brendan McLaughlin. Our friends at The Laugh Button will be on hand as well– all in an effort to help launch the new site.

    You’ll be able to join in on the action by using the hashtag #TweetRoast. And get this: the amateur roaster with the best Tweets of the night will be part of the official digital dais for the next roast.

    So, be sure to check out TweetRoast.com at 7 pm this Sunday. We’ll be there.

    UPDATED list of comedian roasters below:

    Jonathan Katz
    Morgan Murphy
    Joe DeRosa
    Robert Kelly
    Jim Norton
    Opie and Anthony
    Fred Stoller
    Alan Zweibel
    Bonnie McFarlane
    Rich Vos
    Annie Lederman
    Wendy Liebman
    Pete Dominick
    Greg Fitzsimmons
    Christian Finnegan
    Adam Ferarra
    Louis Katz
    Jay Mohr
    Todd Barry
    Kathleen Madigan
    David Feldman
    Merrill Markoe

    Laughspin Staff

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