• Jimmy Carr invades television commercials to hilarious effect

    British television’s Channel 4 recently had a Comedy Gala that featured stand-up comedians. Like American television, they eventually had to cut to commercial breaks. But unlike American TV, they came up with the brilliant idea to keep the laughs coming during a commercial break, with a little help from comedian Jimmy Carr.

    Carr was superimposed into five different popular British commercials, adding a slice of humor and commentary to each. The ads included Guinness, gocompare.com and a cheese company (which Carr cleverly turned the focus to mouse traps).

    Each ad-lib by Carr was quite funny and we imagine made the commercials much more enjoyable to British viewers. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this type of gimmick end up on Comedy Central in the near future. Check out the Carr-infused commercials below!

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