• Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show tops Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

    Jimmy KimmelIf the number of your YouTube subscribers is indicative of your popularity in real life – spoiler: it is! – then Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show just hit a crucial milestone. With more than 4.7 million followers on YouTube, The Tonight Show has just surpassed the YouTube following of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has an almost equally impressive following of 4,694,431, according to a TubeFilter piece posted this morning. Fallon’s exact count is 4,764,339.

    Fallon’s numbers are even more impressive when you remember that Jimmy Kimmel Live has been around since the start of 2003 and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon only premiered this past February and Fallon’s previous YouTube channel for Late Night (from which a bulk of current Tonight Show subscribers are from) only launched in 2009.

    Conan is in third place in this timeslot with just over 2 million YouTube subscribers. And while there’s a huge gap between Kimmel and Conan O’Brien’s show, let’s remember that Conan airs on TBS. That a basic cable late night show is even on this list is amazing. More amazing (or is it?) is that Conan destroys the decidedly older-skeweingLate Show with David Letterman YouTube viewership, which is a comparatively paltry 111, 252. Not surprisingly, the younger-skewing Seth Meyers’ Late Night, which airs after all of the aforementioned late night shows has even more YouTube viewers – more than 149,000 – viewers than Letterman, despite its worse timeslot.

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