Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter took a dump in Jennifer Aniston’s backyard (Video)

Stars! They’re just like us! Jennifer Aniston proved this, and then some, last night when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Because who hasn’t insulted one of their best friends on national television about the way in which they handle Thanksgiving? That’s exactly how Aniston’s appearance began– with Jimmy complaining about Aniston’s tradition of having a FAKESGiving the night before Thanksgiving– you know, to hang out with your friends before dealing with your family the day after. Turns out Kimmel doesn’t like that Aniston serves turkey because HE makes turkey the following day, which, in his mind, becomes a total bummer since everyone in his immediate family already ate the dry bird hours ago.

Not one to be made a fool, Aniston defended herself by bringing up that one time one Kimmel’s daughter relieved herself on Aniston’s lawn. After Aniston considers changing her menu for next year’s FAKESGiving, she shot back.

“Listen, I’ll make a deal. If we do this, can we talk about your children not using my back yard as a bathroom?” After Kimmel admitted that did, indeed, happen Aniston explains that a year went by without her even knowing. “Molly [Kimmel’s wife] and Kelly [Kimmel’s sister in law] wanted to confess. They said we have to tell you something that happened. They said last year Jane took a shit in the backyard right next to the beautiful pool.”

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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