• Joan Rivers, Weird Al win comedy Grammys, Tenacious D snags grammy for metal

    Tenacious D wins Metal GrammyLast night’s Grammys was a Twitter warm-up for comedians nationwide preparing to tweet their best celebrity snark during the Oscars later this month. But the 57th Annual Grammy Awards brought some good news for a few big comedy names on Sunday night. “Weird Al” Yankovic took home his fourth Grammy Award, his second for Best Comedy Album. The song parody comedian surged back into relevance with Mandatory Fun, which was his first number one record in his nearly 30-year career. Also nominated were Jim Gaffigan (Obsessed), Louis C.K. (Oh My God!), Patton Oswalt (Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time) and Sarah Silverman (We Are Miracles).

    Also, Joan Rivers snagged her first Grammy Award posthumously. She won the Best Spoken Word Album Grammy for her audio book version of her final book, Diary of a Mad Diva. Rivers passed away in September due to complications from a minor throat procedure. “It’s a difficult moment,” said her daughter Melissa, who received the award on her mother’s behalf. “It’s a little bittersweet. It’s wonderful how loved she was and how she’s getting so much attention now, and people are really understanding what she’s about.” Rivers had previously been nominated for the Best Comedy Album Grammy back in 1984 for What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most?

    In a huge surprise, comedy metal band Tenacious D won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for their cover of Dio’s “The Last in Line.” The duo — comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass — beat out massive metal acts like Slipknot and Anthrax. Many metal heads were disappointed at the Tenacious D win, but then again they probably feel the same way we did last year when Kathy Griffin won the Best Comedy Album Grammy for her one-track wonder “album” Calm Down Gurrrl.

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    Billy Procida

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