Joe’s Pub Summer Comedy Series kicks off with Katie Goodman (Laughspin discounts included)!

Summer has just gotten a lot better for us at Laughspin. We have teamed up with one of the coolest venues in New York City, Joe’s Pub, to help present their Summer Comedy Series. And it all kicks off this Saturday (July 7) at 7:30 pm, with musical comedian Katie Goodman (read our review of her latest album). As part of this partnership, we’ll be featuring the acts set to perform for the series. We’ll also be offering exclusive discounts, so you’ll want to check out the end of this post. To start, I asked Goodman a few questions I thought she could have some fun with– and she did! Check it out below and be sure to watch the video to get a better sense of what you can expect from the talented writer and performer.

Why are women not funny?
Research has proven that carrying around extra weight in breasts and excessive surging hormonal fluids can be a drag on women’s mental efficiency. This leads to what has come to be called the “comedy-drag-coefficient” which ensures less aerodynamic funny-propulsion for women. Some men who drink to excess, resulting in man-boobs and an increase in what french scientists term douche-baggary can experience a similar diminished capacity.

One of your songs is about saving yourself for Jesus. What kind of lover do you think Jesus is/was?
First of all, the song is about “Saving My Hymen For Jesus” — nobody ever said anything about saving everything for him… so like oral sex? Not a problem. But you might as well give that a go with Him, too. I think he would be marvelous at it. I mean if he could walk on water, just think! And if he could resurrect the dead? That bodes well for frigidity, certainly. Or at least it’s promising if you’re tired.

What does the future hold for Katie Goodman?
Total economic collapse and cataclysmic environmental devastation. (Oh wait, did you mean my career?) Total economic collapse and cataclysmic environmental devastation. No, actually it’s a really great year – just moved to NYC, performing at the infamous Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre on a regular basis, touring all over the country, working on creating an off-Broadway run within the next year. Very exciting time. Tour dates and CD and new podcast at

Do you still have that catsuit we see you wearing in some of your press shots? If so, does your husband ever request it on you?
What a coincidence! I’m wearing it right now! Oh wait, here he comes. Sorry, gotta go.

Katie Goodman will perform at Joe’s Pub in New York City on July 7 and Aug. 11 at 7:30 pm as part of the venue’s Summer Comedy Series, being presented in association with Laughspin. Tickets are on sale now. See more info after the video for more details!


PHONE 212-967-7555,

IN PERSON at The Public Theater Box Office (1 PM to 6 PM) located at 425 Lafayette Street, NYC

Use this code: JPTIXC3
This code gets you 10% off tickets to Katie’s show (upon purchasing from the website) plus 5% off your food and beverage check on the night of the show. Please note: This deal is limited. So move now!

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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