• John Mulaney is really bad at SNL auditions in promo video

    John Mulaney returns to Saturday Night Live this weekend to host for a second time. On Wednesday, the show released a promo video in which the Kid Gorgeous comedian reveals that he auditioned to appear on the Saturday night sketch show 44 times. This may be an exaggeration.

    Viewers are treated to a compilation of auditions spanning from the Not Ready For Prime Time Players days to a 2004 trial of celebrity impressions. In his first ‘audition’, the Big Mouth star states, “This is my first, and I assume, only audition,” before rattling off an awful mix of celebrity impressions in an attempt to impress Lorne Michaels.

    The SNL promo goes on to feature impressions of John Travolta in Lord of the Rings, Barbra Streisand doing Jaws, and an original bit, The Brunch Club.

    Kenan Thompson: John Mulaney is ageless.

    SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson try to help Mulaney with his auditions but to no avail. Thompson says of the comedian’s numerous auditions over the span of several decades, “He never seems to age. I mean, he’s either, like, a fresh 31 or a stale 76.”

    In the end, Mulaney says that eventually, Michaels pulled him aside. “We don’t need whatever it is you are.”

    Having hosted once before in 2018, Mulaney was originally hired as a writer back in 2008. Mulaney says of this week’s show, “I think if I host well for a second time, I’m gonna get another audition.”

    John Mulaney a busy star after SNL

    Mulaney is a busy guy these days. The Emmy Award-winning writer and prolific stand-up comedian made the Laughspin top 20 stand-up specials list with his Netflix special Kid Gorgeous. He and friend Nick Kroll wrote and starred in a hit Broadway play Oh, Hello—now available on Netflix—and the two created a sex education sensation with their animated series Big Mouth, also on Netflix. After starring in the Oscar-winning Marvel movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Mulaney still has time to go on tour with/keep an eye on SNL’s Pete Davidson.

    Saturday Night Live returns March 2 with musical guest singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett.

    Kaitlin Tunstall

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