• John Oliver, Jack Warner Feud Heats Up! After Trinidad And Tobago Videos, ‘Last Week Tonight’ Literally Fires Back At Former FIFA VP

    John Oliver’s repeated takedowns of FIFA have made him the enemy of  the organization former Vice President Jack Warner. After the two men went back and forth on Trinidad and Tobago television last week, the Last Week Tonight host fired back Sunday night – literally.Jack Warner Video

    Oliver’s first ranted against FIFA last year, and the video quickly went viral. So when FIFA officials were finally arrested last month on corruption charges, Oliver took the opportunity  to slam the organization once again. He also promised that if FIFA sponsors Adidas, McDonald’s and Bud Lite could convince embattled president Sepp Blatter to resign, Oliver would tout their worst products on-air (Blatter later did step down, and Oliver stuck to his word).

    But John Oliver was not done there. Last week, he purchased airtime on Trinidad and Tobago’s TV6 station  and used it to air an ad called “The Mittens Of Disapproval Are On.” The title was a parody of Warner’s PSA“The Gloves Are Off,” where he argued FIFA money influenced Trinidad’s 2010 election. Oliver’s video, meanwhile demanded that the Trinidadian Warner release all the evidence he has against FIFA.

    “I am begging you, release everything,” Oliver demanded to Jack Warner “Here’s my argument: Why the hell not? It’s not like you’re not already potentially in a lot of trouble. Seriously, I’ve been looking through the indictment, and good luck with that.

    Jack Warner (who you may remember as the guy who thought The Onion was a serious news source) responded with his own video. He even slammed John Oliver as an “American foreigner.”

    “I don’t need any advice from any comedian fool who does not enter this country to tell me what facts to release or not to release,” Warner said to Oliver. “That is not his business. I take no instructions from him.”

    So it was no surprise that John Oliver fired back on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight. And he refused to take Warner’s comments as a diss.

    “‘Comedian fool?’ That’s not an insult, that’s literally my business card,” Oliver said. “If you really want to insult me, you’ve got plenty to work with here. Why not say I look like the reflection of Harry Potter in a doorknob?”

    John Oliver then mocked Jack Warner’s poorly-produced ad, especially its overly-dramatic music. Oliver noted that the song Warner used, “Ash” by The Secession, is literally the first Google result for the search phrase “epic and dramatic music” (see for yourself). And Oliver ended his response with one final message, complete with crazy pyro behind him.

    “To you, I say this, Jack: If you really want to continue to trade s–t-talking videos with increasingly high production elements, then consider your challenge accepted, my friend,” Oliver concluded. “… Either respond to me by this time next week with a more spectacular video than this or I will accept your graceless defeat.”
    Not surprisingly, our money’s on John Oliver to win this video battle.

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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