John Oliver launches #ShowUsYourPeanuts campaign in light of Halloween, sugar industry (Video)

John Oliver #ShowUsYourPeanutsAfter expressing his complete bewilderment over Playboy’s recent suggestion of a sexy John Oliver Halloween costume, John Oliver launched into a 10-minute rant about Halloween and the fact that American’s spend $2.2 billion on candy – and more specifically, sugar – every year during the Halloween season. In fact, during last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight Oliver points out that Halloween candy shouldn’t even be considered a novelty seeing as Americans consume 75 pounds of sugar annually. “Holy shit,” Oliver exclaims.” Seventy-five pounds of sugar. That’s like eating Michael Cera’s weight in sugar every single year.”

One of the most intriguing parts of Oliver’s segment is a taped piece wherein Andy Briscoe, president of The Sugar Association, claims that there’s been no good research that connects sugar with obesity or diabetes. “Really? Sugar doesn’t contribute to obesity?” Oliver questions. “I’m not saying it’s the only culprit but it’s definitely one of the key suspects. Asking what causes obesity is a bit like asking who killed a first grad class’s hamster. Sure they all killed it in a way, but I think we all know one of them killed it the most. I’m talking to you, Kevin. You killed that hamster and you drove your father away.”

Oliver ends the Last Week Tonight segment announcing the launch of the #ShowUsYourPeanuts campaign on Twitter. You’ll just have to watch the entire video below to find out what that’s all about. We will say it has something to do with Circus Peanuts and Oliver’s description of that candy: “They taste like an elephant ejaculated into a packet of Splenda.” Enjoy!

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