• John Oliver Literally Destroys Pinata! Video Mocks Hyperbolic Internet Headlines About ‘Last Week Tonight’ Rants

    John Oliver Pinata DestroyedWe may sometimes go a bit overboard in our coverage of John Oliver’s rants on Last Week Tonight. After all, some of his slams were strong enough to deserve a bit of hyperbole. But Oliver has apparently had enough of Internet writers and their exaggerated headlines. So much so that he made them the target of a web exclusive video this week.

    John Oliver particularly took aim at Huffington Post, which claimed in various headlines that he “tore apart FIFA,”  and “verbally pantsed Doctor Oz,” among other things.

    The comedian then noted that the Internet no longer knows how to describe objects. So he decided to make it easy while discussing his next topic, piñatas, (or, as John Oliver called them, “the Trojan donkeys of diabetes”).

    “First of all, and this is important, f–k piñatas,” John Oliver said on this Last Week Tonight Internet exclusive.They teach children that animal cruelty is delicious. Which, yes, often it is, but we’re not here to talk about factory farming. If you’re going to give me candy, just give me the candy. Don’t make me go all Joe Pesci on a papier-mache Spongebob. Spongebob doesn’t owe me money; he didn’t disrespect my family. But for some reason we’re trick-or-treating execution-style at my nephew’s birthday party.”

    But John Oliver was not really ranting against piñatas (though he did make some good points). Instead, this all served as a leadup to his hilarious mocking of overblown headlines.

    “At this point, you’re probably saying, ‘John. Stop. You have demolished, slammed, eviscerated, decimated, and teabagged piñatas,’” Oliver continued. “But you would be wrong, because that’s not what any of those jokes mean. Up until this point, I’ve just made some mean jokes about them. But now, for the sake of actual internet headlines, I will literally destroy them.”

    Sure enough, John Oliver then took a stick and bashed a piñata horse. No word on who ate all the candy that fell onto the floor as a result.

    “Did that look as cool as it felt?” John Oliver asked after destroying the piñata.

    Watch John Oliver destroy a piñata (and hyperbolic Internet headlines) below.

    The fun headline satire continued over on the Last Week Tonight Twitter page.

    Huffington Post, for its part, seems to be taking John Oliver’s latest attack in stride. Not only did the website publish the video of the Last Week Tonight host destroying a piñata, but the writers also created some other hilarious (fake) headlines stating that he eats babies and hates cats. Check them out here.

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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