• John Oliver on Sarah Palin: We can just ignore her (Video)

    John Oliver opened his second week as host of The Daily Show with a rant on Sarah Palin’s return to Fox News. After viewing a short video reel of all of the crazy things the former governor had to say in one hour, Oliver had a moment of revelation.

    “We can just ignore her!” he exclaims.

    Realizing that the clip montage left him confused on where to start his criticism, he decided it wasn’t even worth it. “”Just because I walked into a turd supermarket doesn’t mean I have to buy anything.” But do we all have the collective power to follow suit. And will The Daily Show really just ignore her moving forward? Only time will tell. While we wait, check out Oliver’s take below.

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    Jodi Guglielmi

    Jodi Guglielmi is an aspiring comedy and magazine writer finishing up her undergraduate degree in Journalism. She plans on moving to New York after graduation to work and live happily in her one bedroom apartment with six other people.

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