The Joker trailer has comedians relating so hard

The new Joker trailer ends with Joaquin Phoenix’s character stating, “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it’s a comedy.” The film revolves around the origin story of the famed comic book villain as a failed stand-up comedian. Now (actual) comedians are taking to Twitter to share their opinion on the trailer, which comes just after Fox revealed their Joker character for the season finale of Gotham.

Comedians feel react to Joker trailer

Relating to the plight of the aspiring comedian struck a cord with many funny people on Wednesday. Mindy Kaling revealed her frustration with the origin story. “Oh great, so now I’m empathizing with the Joker.”

Patton Oswalt retweeted Louis Virtel’s mini review. “Just watched The Joker trailer. I hate origin stories but ‘Mediocre man wants to be funny’ is the realest villain explanation I’ve heard yet.”

Patrick Monahan simply exclaimed, “JOAQUIN PHOENIX IS NOT MY JOKER.”

Ryan Schutt seemed to think that the story looked familiar, comparing the apparent plot to ‘edgy’ comedians complaining about PC culture.

The Joker was a failed stand-up comedian

Some comics couldn’t resist the temptation to compare Phoenix’s Joker to big comics who’ve been called out in the present #MeToo era. “The least believable thing about the joker is that there’s a comedian who does crimes but none of them are sexual,” said comedian Ivan Hernandez.

Others just don’t think the new Joker movie will be that entertaining as a comic book version of The King of Comedy. “Please tell me what is exciting about this guy if he ain’t making Batman miserable. I don’t wanna see a failed comedian in a shitty apartment getting by,” said Nick Alexander. “I saw enough of that shit in NY.”

Some seem more optimistic. Dean Delray tweeted his excitement about The Joker.

One Twitter user’s response pretty much sums it all up.

Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Mary Stevens

Mary Stevens is a stand-up comedy enthusiast. She is a huge fan of live stand-up comedy and produces a show in her backyard in Hermosa Beach, CA. Her show has featured comics from Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and SNL, as well as up-and-coming comics. She is active on Twitter and Instagram @hermosabchmary.

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