• Jon Glaser blogs second season of Adult Swim’s ‘Delocated’

    glaser2Are you one of the many comedy nerds eagerly awaiting Season two of Delocated on Adult Swim? Or are you one of the remaining plain nerds who don’t know anything about the series, wherein Jon Glaser (pictured) plays a man in the Witness Protection Program who moves his family to New York in an attempt to be cast on a reality show?

    Either way, you should know this: Glaser — also the show’s writer and executive producer — has just made things easier for you to keep up with your favorite show, or if you fall into the latter aforementioned group, to learn about your possibly new favorite show. In the words of the man himself:

    Hello friends.

    It is with great excitement and numerous apologies that I send you/bother you with the link for a blog I am doing for Season 2 of Delocated:


    The show doesn’t premier until next spring, but I’ll be keeping this blog all through the editing process and leading up until the premier (and perhaps even beyond that into the future!)  So there will be loads of fun to be had all through the holidays, the new year, the Super Bowl, Lincoln’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Daylight Savings Time, and whatever else happens before the show premiers.

    Thanks, hope you enjoy the blog!

    The blog will include behind the scenes pictures of the cast and crew, as well as funny posts by Glaser, a long time comedy writer and Late Night with Conan alum. Enjoy!

    Brendan McLaughlin

    Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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