• Jon Stewart blasts CNN over Boston Marathon coverage: They figured out a way to sh*t in their own mouth (Video)

    Unless you were asleep all day yesterday – and if you were, we’re jealous – you undoubtedly know about CNN’s massive reporting fuck-up, wherein they assuredly claimed that a suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing had been arrested. CNN anchors John King and Wolf Blitzer took great pride in this “exclusive” information. In the end, of course, that information turned out to be untrue—at least for now.

    Luckily, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show were there last night to call out the 24-hour news organization for their less-than-stellar news gathering prowess. “It was exclusive because it was completely fucking wrong,” Stewart said, later adding, “It’s like a news story as imagined by M. Night Shyamalan.” And before Stewart tossed to Daily Show correspondents John Oliver and Jessica Williams, he addressed CNN directly, saying, “You spent an hour debating the merits of your own fiction,” adding that CNN has “figured out a way to shit in their own mouth.”

    Watch the entire thing below.

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