• Jon Stewart Blasts The Nerd Prom a.k.a. the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

    Love him or hate him, you have to respect Jon Stewart. The stand-up comedian turned late night voice for a political generation is known for calling out news organizations, political leaders and celebrities on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

    But, with the social “perfect storm” that occurred over the weekend — namely, the “ecstasy” of the White House Correspondents Dinner and the agony of the Baltimore riots over the death of Freddie Gray — fans of the show knew that their fearless anchor would be chomping at the bit to tackle the dichotomy of both issues.

    And boy did he deliver.

    Employing puns for Guardians of the Galaxy, The Big Bang Theory and Superbad, and using Daily Show correspondent Jennifer Williams to portray a character straight out of The Hunger Games, the staff and writers of the Emmy Award winning broadcast hit another home run with their scathing commentary on the priorities of news reporting.

    “Whilst the A-list of America’s media political complex fiddled on this Saturday night,” Stewart said. “Not 40 miles from the District of Mimosia, actual news was occurring.”

    He added on CNN’s choice to cover the red carpet of the Dinner versus showing live footage of the Baltimore protests, “CNN got shamed by Twitter, shamed about their editorial priorities by a group who violently clashed over the blue/black white gold [dress] question. And the worst part is how incredibly aware and simultaneously dismissive they were.”

    For more Daily Show goodness, check out the entire segment below:

    Nicholas C. Martinez

    Nicholas C Martinez is a New York-based screenwriter, journalist and voice actor. His goal: to write a great Green Lantern movie. Follow him on Twitter @mongonyc. If you have a story idea or just want to send him a comment, shoot him an email.

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