• Jon Stewart faces Bill O’Reilly on Fox News; watch the results

    In last night’s interview with Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly takes his best shots at knocking Stewart off balance but just ends up face planting on the ground of his own studio. O’Reilly begins with comments to Stewart about how President Obama has not nearly done his job up to par with the American public expected, but Stewart – a longtime Obama supporter — held his ground.

    O’Reilly even tried to poke fun at Stewart’s new book Earth, but Stewart armed with the sharpest wit in the biz defeated all his snickering remarks with clever comedic timing, saying, “We like to look at [the book] like well crafted satire, but yeah, you can call it gibberish.”

    Towards the end of the interview, Stewart started to say how certain media in the public eye was becoming out of control and that is why his Rally to Restore Sanity on Oct. 30th in Washington D.C. was necessary to normal regular working citizens. He also goes on to quote O’Reilly during the interview, as being “the Fox 1.0 beta version” and drops the bomb on O’Reilly by saying that he is currently is the most “left wing” on the Fox Network. Stewart: 1, O’Reilly: none.

    Check it out for yourself.

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