• Jon Stewart invokes Pee-Wee Herman, challenges North Carolina’s gay marriage ban (Video)

    Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart responded to the gay marriage ban recently voted into law by North Carolina by pointing out the “collateral damage amongst the heteros,” that outlawing civil unions causes. No worries, though, says Stewart. It’s a step towards equality, since, “Now many opposite-sex couples will enjoy the same lack of rights same-sex couples have always never had.”

    In response to the ubiquitous sanctity of marriage argument, Stewart examined the “historic meaning of marriage,” sharing this definition: “Marriage originated as a social construct that allowed family patriarchs to facilitate the transfer of chattel property, such as livestock or daughters, through lawful contracts…” No explanation is necessary to point out that perhaps moving forward from the historic meaning should be considered welcome progress, and not social perversion.

    Watch the video to see these comments and more– as well as some pointed satire on a gay-friendly America – akin to a Pee-Wee Herman-defined world, where not only can a man marry another man, but also where a man can marry his beloved fruit salad.

    Dana Sitar

    Dana Sitar is a freelance comedy journalist trying to answer the question “What is it like to be a comedian?” She shares this quest and other tips from the writer's life at DanaSitar.com and on Twitter @DanaSitar

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