• Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert let f-bombs fly in Late Show interview (Video)

    Stephen Colbert was joined by Jon Stewart for a pre-recorded segment of Late Show. Colbert started the show announcing that he was still on Thanksgiving break, “I think in the Carribean.” He then introduces the special episode’s format: his friends and celebrity guests will turn the tables to interview him.

    While the show features several celebrity guest hosts to grill Colbert “in the hot seat” such as Neil Degrasse Tyson and Kerry Washington, the opening interview with Stewart is the most memorable. Stewart walks onto the set after the intro, sits at the desk, and says, “I am your host Jon Stewart. I haven’t said that in a while.” Stewart introduces the former Colbert Report star and the two longtime friends share a hug on stage.

    Stewart begins the interview, “Who the fuck do you think you are?” Their back and forth feels like watching two comedians riff backstage after a show. Most of what comes out of the two veteran TV hosts’ mouth is less than subtle jabs and sarcastic asides, but the chemistry and shared history between the two is palpable.

    The two first met on a Comedy Central conference call before Stewart even took over The Daily Show. Colbert would go on to be a fake news correspondent on Stewart’s Daily Show for six years before starring on his own spin-off The Colbert Report.

    The two talk about their old days on The Daily Show and the times that they have met now-President Donald Trump. Stewart describes their work in satirical news over the years as “turd mining” and even says, “I have gotten out of the turd mining business.”

    More F-Bombs are dropped than the average late night interview and you can watch them all here:

    Rosa Escandon

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