• Julia Louis-Dreyfus GQ ’15 Funniest People Alive’ photoshoot, wherein she simulates sex with a clown

    GQ, like seemingly every mainstream print publication who, for the past few years, decided comedy was worth their coverage time, has revealed their list of the 15 Funniest People Alive, including Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Out on newsstands April 29, the issue includes interviews and original photos of those comedians deemed by the men’s lifestyle magazine as the most funny alive– or as they put it in a publicity e-mail, “Yes, if you ask us six months from now, this list would probably be different. But comedy is fickle, and it often comes down to what makes you laugh right now. And right at this moment, it’s these 15 people.” Nice. Way to commit, GQ!

    To preview the issue, GQ has released this shot of Louis-Dreyfus by veteran photographer Mark Seliger, wherein she simulates having sex with a clown. Hilarious! We haven’t seen the other photos of the funniest people alive, but we assume we might see a photo of a naked John Oliver drenched in olive oil or Kevin Hart shirtless — have you seen those abs?! — and licking a lollipop. If you’re interested, below the photo of Louis-Dreyfus is GQ‘s complete list of the 15 Funniest People Alive (for now) and the reasoning behind their choices. Enjoy!

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus in GQ

    1. Louis C.K.: The man produces standout standup at a rate previously thought impossible, and his FX comedy, Louis, is back for its fourth season in May.
    2. Amy Schumer: The star of Inside Amy Schumer skewers girl culture, prudishness, and the expectations of what a “female comic” should be all at once.
    3–4. Key & Peele: With their eponymous sketch show, Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele birthed absurdist athlete names and the greatest Obama impersonation of all time.
    5–10. The Cast of Silicon Valley: T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, Thomas Middleditch, and Martin Starr provide the revered Mike Judge with players for the funniest new show on television.
    11. Kate McKinnon: The breakout star of the latest crop of SNL players also happens to do an incredible Justin Bieber impression.
    12. John Oliver: After years of service and a summer hosting gig on The Daily Show, the lovable Brit is busting out with his own weekly show on HBO, premiering April 27.
    13. Kevin Hart: You’ve probably seen the top of his head standing next to Shaq, but the little man has big plans to become a multifaceted comedic brand.
    14. Nick Kroll: The star of The League and his own Kroll Show has the douchebag routine down pat.
    15. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Years after all that Seinfeld, business, the former Elaine Benes has crafted her most unforgettable character yet on HBO’s Veep.

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