Just For Laughs: Andy Kindler nails NBC, Jay Leno, George Lopez, more

Just For LaughsMONTREAL — Though every year Andy Kindler tries to convince a room filled with a few hundred comedians and industry folks at the Just For Laughs comedy festival that he’s devastatingly underappreciated, clearly the man is loved. No other comedian would be afforded the time and space to deliver such a disjointed, poorly paced and uneven speech.

And all those adjectives are part of the reason Kindler’s speech each year – this was his 15th – is a must-see for every fest attendee; there’s something incredibly liberating to watch a comedian air out like that—good, bad, ugly. The other, and most important reason people watch, is that he says horrible things about other comedians— things other comedians think but can’t say.

And although Kindler’s targets are largely the same from year to year (Dane Cook, Larry the Cable Guy) or somewhat expected (Jeff Dunham, Robin Williams) there’s always some great eyebrow-raising moments. My favorite of this year’s hour-long address: “Can we all admit that Parks and Recreation is horrible?” Kindler tags it with, “Maybe everything shouldn’t be improvised,” referring to the show’s alleged liberal improvising, on which star Amy Poehler has denied.

I like this for a two reasons: no one ever says anything negative about anything Amy Poehler or Aziz Ansari are connected to. Secondly, the show is on NBC, the network currently employing him as a judge on Last Comic Standing. Biting the hand that feeds you is always awesome to watch.

And Kindler continued chomping on the hand of NBC, laying into The Office stars Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak for their quick rise to fame. “They really paid their dues in the trenches. They’re grizzled veterans,” Kindler said.

George Lopez, another comic that doesn’t get nearly enough shit, was also a target of Kindler’s. He calls the veteran comedian, actor and now talk-show host out for “always being on the verge of funny,” knocking him for punctuating his live jokes with hurried Spanish phrases and for this horrible pee-your-pants themed ad for Lopez Tonight.

Whether it was in good fun or pure hatred, all jabs were well placed. And that Jeffrey Ross, the Roastmaster himself, a veteran of taking the piss out of people – who was sitting a few chairs from me – was laughing like a mental patient throughout the address, is enough receipt of a job well done.

After the jump, check out an almost complete list of Andy’s targets from yesterday’s State of the Industry Address.

Bill Maher

Parks and Recreation

Mindy Kaling

BJ Novak

Jeff Dunham

Robin Williams

Sex and the City 2

Stand-up boot camp-style classes

Sherri Shepherd

Last Comic Standing


Grown Ups (the movie)

The Today Show

Tim Allen and his movie Crazy on the Outside

Valentine’s Day (the movie)

George Lopez

Dane Cook

Denis Leary

John Mayer

The History Channel

Larry the Cable Guy

Betty White

Mel Gibson

James Cameron and Avatar


Jay Leno

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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