• Why is Kanye West tweeting Rick and Morty memes?

    Kayne West loves Rick and Morty. The controversial rapper was all over the news this week for distancing himself from politics after multiple endorsements of the Trump administration. But there is a more important Kanye story developing this week: the Yeezus rapper seems to be obsessed with the Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty.

    The show’s fans are also no strangers to media scrutiny. Some have infamously targeted female scriptwriters and caused a scene in McDonald’s. The series is the most popular television comedy among millennial viewers in the United States, but even the creators of the show have had to disavow parts of the fandom. These unsavory factions have become synonymous with being obnoxious and tied to right-wing groups, which honestly sounds right up West’s alley.

    West first professed his love for the series back in May when he tweeted about the order of 70 more episodes of the show in a long-term deal with Adult Swim.

    Recently, West has doubled down on his love for the show in the form of a series of drawings in the Rick and Morty animation style. The first image was tweeted out by the College Dropout rapper on October 23, nearly two weeks after his bizarre visit to The White House. The cartoon shows Kanye and wife, Kim Kardashian, stepping out of a portal often used on the show to move through space and different dimensions. An animated Ye brandishes a portal gun, which the character of Rick invented.

    The very next day Yeezus released another photo. This time with his wife and eldest daughter North West. His other children, Saint and Chicago, are nowhere to be found. Is this an alternate dimension where his young twins don’t exist? Is this a version of Kanye that never met with Trump and that’s why he is wearing a “The World Food Programme” shirt because he’s down with the U.N.? Probably not, because that shirt also says Balenciaga.

    All was quiet on the Rick-stern front for two days, until another cartoon surfaced referencing the Rick and Morty episode Get Schwifty. In the episode, Rick has to perform a great pop song or aliens will destroy the earth. In the portrait, Kanye wears a MAGA hat and is joined by Kid Cudi and another character—who might be singer 070 Shake. Kid Cudi wears a shirt that promotes their new album, Kids See Ghosts, and the artwork for the album appears in the background.

    Another two days pass before West drops two new drawings. The first features a portal, Ye, and an almost unrecognizable Lavar Ball (father of Los Angeles Lakers point guard). The rapper and Ball appeared on ESPN together with Ball in the same outfit.

    Then he released a family portrait in the Rick and Morty style with no sci-fi nonsense in the frame. This time with the twins.

    Which brings us to Halloween. The Graduation rapper uploaded a photo of him as a pickle. The portrait was in direct reference to the Emmy-winning episode Pickle Rick where Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid going to therapy.

    We will all have to wait and see if West blesses us with more confusing visions of him as a cartoon scientist. In the meantime, he has left us with nothing but questions. Questions like who is drawing these? Is he working on a Rick and Morty-themed rap album? Does he believe the show is really deep (like him) and that’s why he feels a kinship to a pickle that won’t go to therapy? And maybe the most important question: Why?

    The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, left Twitter after a 4chan-fueled scandal proved too overwhelming for the comedy writer, but the show’s official Twitter retweeted the first of the series of memes. Could this be Kanye throwing his hat in the ring to voice a character? There is no way of telling… yet.

    Rosa Escandon

    I am a stand up comic and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. When I'm not on stage, I am Comedy Editor for The Tusk, sit on the board of the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and writing my next project. I am passionate about writing about feminism and comedy as well as how women, LBGTQ people, and minorities are changing the face of comedy and entertainment. You may have seen me on Buzzfeed Video, Seriously.TV, aplus, or maybe just on twitter.

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