Katt Williams has another meltdown onstage amidst hecklers and then walks off (Video)

Last night wasn’t the first time comedian Katt Williams has melted down onstage and I’m positive it won’t be his last. The circumstances surrounding his latest outburst are all too familiar. Based on reports the show — part of his Ghetto National Convention tour — at the Wells Fargo Theatre in Denver started late, featured six — SIX! — opening comedians and when Williams took the stage he mumbled, took his shirt off and did push-ups. Obviously, the crowd (some of whom paid upwards of $150.00) to see Williams, was not pleased. The heckling began. And one guy from the audience actually jumping onstage. Apparently Williams felt he didn’t deserve the verbal assault and at one point decided he’d attempt to track down one of the hecklers in the crowd, which you can see in the video below. You’ll also see Williams leave the stage and promise everyone in attendance a refund.

After a series of legal transgressions and ill-fated stand-up performances over the better part of the last decade, it seemed Williams was in the midst of a slight comeback, having released in August his first stand-up special in four years. But just last month, Williams made headlines for allegedly pulling a gun on fellow comedian Faizon Love outside a Hollywood club. Williams was arrested and detained but eventually released with no charges filed. The show in Denver proves Williams is still not ready to work as a full-time comedian again, though he’s scheduled to hit San Diego, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento, Seattle, Houston and New Orleans through Dec. 8. And Williams has another performance scheduled tonight at the Wells Fargo Theatre in Denver at 8 pm. Tickets are still available.

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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