Katt Williams melts down onstage; no refunds will be issued

Katt WilliamsWhen we last left Katt Williams he was being arrested for “intimidating a witness.” As it turns out the troubled comedian returned to the stand-up stage on June 25 in Albuquerque, NM at the Tingley Coliseum but, according to audience members, he didn’t so much perform stand-up comedy as he did babble incoherently, rip off his shirt, bust off a few push-ups and then leave the stage.

Williams was the headliner of a much bigger event (including musical acts dancers and more), promoted by local company Str8lace Entertainment. Local funk band The James Douglas Show was one of the acts on the bill. The day after the event, they posted the following messages on their official Facebook page.

james douglas 1

james douglas 2

An official statement from the promoters has popped up online. Here it is, in full:

For Immediate Release
Official statement from Str8lace Entertainment
RE: Katt Williams Show 06/25/2011

We would like to start by explaining our position in regards to the Katt Williams Concert on June 25, 2011. We have recently been inundated by questions and requests for ticket refunds due to the lack of professionalism displayed by Mr. Williams at the recent concert. We are equally upset by the antics that were displayed for whatever personal reason Mr.Williams might be experiencing. We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. Our expenses in doing so far exceeded our original budget and ticket sales revenues, due to the extra expense brought on by delays, over time rent on the venue, sound, labor, etc. As promoters we did our job as per our contractual obligations. We booked, paid for and promoted the show. ALL of the acts Showed up and performed. Some better than others, but they were all there and performed. We have no control over the content or quality of their performances. While we are disappointed, we feel the liability lies in the hands of Mr.Williams himself. We feel your frustration, and are in the same space financially, At a loss. So we will not be offering refunds of any kind. We are very sorry for the circumstances.

Because we are a small locally owned Promotions company we would in good faith like you to keep your Katt Williams ticket stubs for discount on a soon to be announced show we will put on in an effort to show good faith and give something to our community that were effected by Mr.Williams “Performance”. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Str8laced Entertainment.

One commenter on the Ticketmaster show page reviewed the show, using the title “Drugged Up”:

Katt showed up to Albuquerque 4 hrs late. He was clearly so intoxicated he could not perform. He took off his shirt, pranced around the stage and provoked a few people in the audience before being escorted off stage by police. NO PERFORMANCE AT ALL! I love Katt but I will never pay to see him again. He did not even perform one joke, we all wasted our money and can’t get it back because he “showed up.”

An unnamed source, quoted on AllHipHop.com had this to say, in part:

Yes it was unfortunate what happened, and I’m not taking sides. However anyone that was there, saw Katts behavior for themselves. Spitting chewing tobacco in his hands and rubbing it in his hair, yelling at the audience, leaving the stage to pray, doing push ups, and the list goes on. He did know about the show, he did get paid, he even did a drop on the air talking about how excited he was to come to albuquerque…He showed up late, got served papers, and disappointed alot of people. I again am not defending the actual promoters but everyone who was backstage including Samuel L. Jackson could see that everyone was doing what they could to accomodate Katt and his late arrival and his stage show AND could see that something was wrong with him. Im a huge Katt Williams fan and was sad to see him in that state. But no is responsible for Katt but Katt.

Then there’s the below video, shot by an audience member that night. “Made me sad and upset,” the poster commented on YouTube. “I was so excited, I was on the floor in the 2nd row- for nothing!! I love Katt, it was a shame 2c him like this.”

What do you think about the situation? Should the people get a refund or is the promoter’s offer good enough?

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